Back in 2017, I burned and destroyed an expensive steak.

Being practical, inventive (and a little thrifty) by nature, I decided there HAD to be a more efficient and predictable way to cook a perfect rib-eye. That led me to come up with the concept of SearBQ.

What I experienced with my prototype would exceed my wildest expectations. It cooked those rib-eye steaks even faster and juicier than I’d hoped. I was blown away by how quickly and deliciously it made chicken, pork, fish, and all kinds of vegetables. My family and friends delighted in testing my experimentations, because nearly everything I tried yielded fantastic results — in half the time or less than conventional cooking methods. I patented my invention, and the rest is SearBQ history.

I'm thrilled that now you too can enjoy super-fast, incredibly delicious cooking every time with SearBQ.

But be warned: it's about to change the way you cook, forever!