Got a question about SearBQ?
Here are the ones we hear most often:

What do I need to know to use SearBQ?

If you can cook a steak on a BBQ, you can SearBQ. Download our Success Guide for SearBQ instructions, setup tips and other helpful info. When starting out, be sure to follow the guidelines for time and temperature on our cooking chart. Once you've got a feel for it, experiment all you like! Keep notes and try new things. Here are some important tips for early success: 

  • Cooking multiple steaks, chicken pieces or patties is best to distribute pressure and minimize sticking
  • When using dry rubs, always drizzle the uncooked food on both sides with cooking oil
  • Do not preheat excess oil on the griddle 

How do I clean SearBQ?

SearBQ is factory seasoned like a high-quality cast-iron skillet to be non-stick right out of the box. And like the best frying pans, you should never clean it with soap, abrasives or in the dishwasher, as that removes the seal.

Wash SearBQ while it is still warm — NOT HOT! Use the hottest available tap water and a sponge, chain-mail scrubber or stiff brush. To remove stuck-on food, scrub with a paste of kosher salt and water. Rinse and thoroughly towel dry. Use a cloth or paper towel to apply a light coat of vegetable oil to the cooking area, and buff to remove any excess. 

How do I prevent food sticking to SearBQ?

Doing an extra level of seasoning (see below) increases the non-stick quality, which also improves with use. Marinated meats don't tend to stick at all. For chicken and steak with a dry rub:

  • Drizzle a little oil on both sides of the meat
  • SearBQ as usual

What if I need to re-season SearBQ?

You can enhance the seasoning or re-season it if necessary (if it gets washed with the soap or in a dishwasher) by doing the following:

  • Rub it with cooking oil on a lint-free cloth. Canola oil is best
  • Place it in a 450°F oven above a drip pan for 30 minutes
  • Let cool in the oven
Want to really do a pro job? Here is a great method from Popular Science.

    Can I buy only the SearBQ Press (or only the Griddle)?

    We sell the SearBQ only as a complete kit for a number of reasons. The two pieces mate perfectly together, and are engineered to provide an ideal balance of heat. The griddle's ridges capture juices that flow away on a Blackstone or other griddle. They’re designed and made to work together, and any other pairing compromises the results!

    Does SearBQ ship from the USA?

    Yes! All SearBQ orders ship from our headquarters in California within 1-2 business days. Currently we only ship within the USA via UPS. International shipping is coming soon!

    Where is SearBQ made?

    SearBQs is manufactured at FDA-certified facilities in Vietnam and China from all-new iron ingots. These same facilities are vetted for fair labor practices and routinely inspected because they produce quality cookware sold at Target and Wal Mart. We wish we could manufacture SearBQ in the USA, but the reality is no domestic iron foundry has the excess capacity to meet our needs. The majority of U.S. cast iron cookware manufacturers now outsource at least part of their own manufacturing to satisfy consumer demand! Hopefully this situation changes, and we’re following it closely.

    What are the shipping costs? Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes, we offer free shipping on all order quantities within the continental USA. For orders in Alaska and Hawaii, shipping is $14.99 for one SearBQ. (It weighs more than a bowling ball!)

    How much does SearBQ weigh?

    SearBQ is made of premium-quality cast iron. SearBQ’s construction helps it to cook super-fast and keep foods from curling, so it's no featherweight! It weighs about 17 lbs — 18 in its packaging.

    What are the best foods for cooking on SearBQ?

    SearBQ creates some amazing results on a variety of foods. Our favorites include ribeye steak, chicken thighs and veggies like asparagus. For a real treat, slice a white onion into 1/2-inch slices: they caramelize beautifully and make an insanely delicious addition to burgers!

    When cooking meat with the bone in it, do I need to allow more time?

    Yes, bone-in meat can take more time to cook than boneless using any method, and bones reduces compression on the SearBQ — especially with steaks.

    How do I safely handle SearBQ?

    SearBQ needs to be HOT to do its work. Always use a good pair of oven mitts to handle it the press and griddle, being very careful to avoid contact with any metal surfaces or the heat from your BBQ or oven. 

    Does SearBQ work with charcoal grills?

    Yes, you can use the SearBQ griddle press with charcoal grills and wood pellet grills. We recommend indirect grilling. This ensures that the griddle and press lid will maintain equal temperature, so it is best if you can position the grill so it is not directly over top of the heat source.

    Is ventilation an issue when using SearBQ in an oven?

    Searing food in an oven can create some smoke, so we only recommend it with direct ventilation to outdoors. We prefer a gas grill because the SearBQ works best with indirect heat (burners running on the side once up to temperature, turned off underneath) and the ability to control proper temperature. Never Use SearBQ without adequate ventilation.

    Does SearBQ fit inside European ovens?

    The current model is a bit too large for standard European ovens. We’ve got plans for a smaller model.

    Does SearBQ require any assembly?

    Minimal. Just fasten the two screws that hold the spring-steel handle in place, and you’re cooking with gas!

    Where can I get a SearBQ Promo Code or Coupon Code?

    We sell SearBQ at the lowest possible price, which doesn't leave much room for discounting—and our inventory moves very fast. Occasionally we make promo codes available. If you do receive one, use it quickly, as they are designed to expire and prevent re-use!

    What are the safe internal temperatures for cooking meats?

    The safe internal temperature varies by the type of meat you are cooking. Use a good probe thermometer and always check. Here are the FDA's Safe Minimum Internal Temperatures:

    Food Type Internal Temperature

    Beef, Pork, Veal, and Lamb (chops, roasts, steaks)

    145°F with a 3-minute rest time
    Ground Meat
    Poultry (ground, parts, whole)
    Fin Fish 145°F or flesh is opaque & flakes easily
    Shrimp, Lobster, and Crabs Flesh pearly & opaque
    Flesh pearly & opaque Shells open during cooking
    Shells open during cooking Flesh is milky white or opaque and firm
    Ham, uncooked  (fresh or smoked)
    145°F with a 3-minute rest time