Perfect Results, Every Time

1. Place the SearBQ press and griddle side-by-side on your barbecue grill. Close the barbecue lid and set all burners to high.

2. When the thermometer shows your desired temperature, open the grill and distribute your meat or vegetables on the griddle. Using an oven mitt, place the press on top and close the barbecue lid.

3. Turn off the burners directly below the griddle, but keep the burners to the side of the griddle on high.

4. Set a timer to correspond with the food type, quantity and temperature of your grill. With a consistent size and type of meat, your grilling time will always be the same.

5. When the timer runs out, use your oven mitts to remove the press and move the food to a plate. Cover the food with foil.

6. After a rest time of 5 and 7 minutes, you're ready to eat and enjoy your food.

Cleaning and Care

Clean your SearBQ while it is still warm — NOT HOT! Use hot water, a sponge or stiff brush. Do not use soap or abrasives. To remove stuck-on food, scrub with a paste of kosher salt and water. Rinse or wipe with a paper towel, and thoroughly towel dry. With a cloth or paper towel, apply a light coat of vegetable oil to the inside, and buff to remove any excess.


For best results, bring steak to room temperature immediately before cooking and let rest 5 mins per inch of thickness before serving. Thicker steaks and bone-in steaks require a little more cooking time.

Always handle SearBQ with oven mitts when heated and use a probe thermometer to confirm FDA recommended internal temperatures.

Cooking is experimental and subjective! Adjust time and heat to your liking, and it’s easy to replicate results.